Early Design Edmunds Regular Dual That Fits 1932-48 Ford/Merc With No Cracks Or Problems $325.00 Plus Shipping deuce5window@yahoo.com
Early Design Edmunds Ford Flathead Regular Dual Intake Fits 1932-48 Ford/Merc (No Cracks Or Problems) $325.00 Plus Shipping...
I failed to post part number for these and can check if you're interested. One says 70 squareback. They both have the same part number. Plus shipping.
Not sure on these, believe them to be for late bus and vanagon. Plus shipping.
History unknown but both turn over freely with no excessive end play at all. One is fuel injected case (AJ). Prefer local sale but would be willing to sell both to same buyer and put on a crate to be shipped through Fastenal.
Excellent condition. Probably one of the nicest I've seen. Plus shipping.
I can't find info on this but assume it's for late fuel injected beetle?
No excessive play in shaft. Badge is very nice, probably won't find one much nicer. Plus shipping.